So, I've been put in charge of editorial stuffies for this wiki! Yay! So, as to start us off for this blog...

We will be talking about a page Format. I have a couple options but you'll find they are basic to follow. It's like making a tribute for a games, only it's about your character in the game!

So, option one can be found here on my test wiki: Click dis

Now, as for option two, you can find it here on my test wiki also: Click here

Now, you all can decide which one you'd rather use by clicking either for option 1 or option two. So... Vote away!

Which format would you rather use?

The poll was created at 01:01 on January 2, 2014, and so far 2 people voted.

Topic two, what do you think of the new wiki theme? I honestly am fine with the background but I must say, the colors/colours could use some editing on my part. Maybe one color/colour from each house?

Well, whatever. You tell me what you want to see for the wiki colours and report back to me. I'll be going through and fixing things up and all.

Topic three, who wants to help me out with keeping up with pages? Pages will tend to change while the fanfiction is written, we all know this. So, I'd like maybe a couple people to help me keep up with this story and all.

So, we can talk about these topics in the comments below. Just give me your ideas and all and we'll get this all set up!

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